TRP was founded in 1995 and has provided the energy industry with quality emergency planning, training, and exercise consulting services. Since its inception, the company has steadily gained industry recognition for its innovative approach to improving the functionality of emergency response and related plans via the use of graphic design aids. TRP pioneered the first "electronic plan" in the industry in 1997 and also developed innovative graphical one-page response plans for fire pre-plans, oil spill tactical plans, and spill prevention plans.

In 2000, TRP developed the industry's first Web-based system for delivering response plans, offering value-added services, increased efficiency, and customized tools for clients to manage their own response programs. This achievement significantly changed TRP's business methods, project characteristics, and growth potential. TRP's management team chose to develop this product internally, which has resulted in a cost-effective method of supporting and upgrading its systems.

Since the development of its first Web-based system, TRP has introduced additional improvements, upgrades, and related modules, resulting in robust, highly functional systems with improved usability. TRP has experienced rapid growth and a high level of industry acceptance to its approach, resulting in contracts to develop large-scale projects for Chevron, BP, General Motors, and many other large companies. TRP's success has led to the development of other plan types and services and expansion into other industries, including power, automotive, petrochemical, chemical manufacturing, railroads, water systems, and Federal Government projects and others. In addition, TRP has acquired additional expertise has expanded into Business Continuity and Fire Pre-Planning which has led to the development of advanced planning tools in both areas.   

In late 2014, TRP committed to its long-term vision by completing a major two-year design initiative with development of its SMARTPLANTM System.  The System’s integrated platform provides users a much greater range of plan revision capability, broad capabilities for TRP Project Managers to develop Client templates and plans, and a model that allows for leveraged functionality upgrades across all systems. Included in this work are major improvements to system navigation, contact management, plan maintenance, support tools, and browser compatibility. Concurrent to development of SMARTPLANTM, TRP also completed major upgrades to its Incident Management System with meeting tools, resource tracking capabilities, time zone management, stakeholder and contacts tracking, and many improvements to system interface and forms. The SMARTPLANTM System positions TRP among the world leaders in emergency planning technology.