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How to choose a Business Continuity Consultant?

Posted on Fri, Jul 09, 2010

Most organizations are aware of the potential damage that a disaster could have on their reputation and their ability to continue to operate. Many significant events have occurred in recent years, which keep bringing this to light, including hurricanes, terrorist events, floods, pandemic threats, earthquakes, and large fires, to name a few.     

A number of unexpected situations could cause a company to temporarily or permanently lose access to their offices and associated critical records, software and equipment. While some businesses have a basic disaster continuity plan in place, this plan may be untested or written with little or no expertise of how to ensure business continuity. This suggests that some companies may utilize consultants to provide this expertise.  What attributes should companies look for in choosing a reputable consultant?

Consultants should have hands-on experience in business continuity, emergency response, security, industrial safety (if applicable), and disaster preparedness.  They should have a proven track record in assisting in developing comprehensive, effective plans and processes.  Consultant must be able to work closely with their clientele to develop customized plans that can improve a company's ability to operate as the result of emergency situations such as fires, natural disasters, terrorist activities, pandemics or other events. 


Web-based systems that facilitate seamless integration of multiple plan types into an easy-to-use electronic interface are typically very beneficial to any corporation. The ability to incorporate intuitive navigation and response tools from a remote location may be necessary if conditions limit access to your customary location. In addition, a web-based business continuity system provides cost-saving maintenance features while providing up real time updates as situations progress.

Technical Response Planning Corp. develops customized business continuity plans designed to manage plans and all associated factors. 


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