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Fire Plan Checklist

Posted on Fri, Sep 10, 2010

Pre Fire Plans provide useful information for responding to fires in schools, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, apartment buildings, shopping centers, laboratories, and other structures. Identification of pertinent site-specific information and up-to-date photographs can greatly assist firefighters in understanding hazards and best strategy for rescues, and reduce potential for injuries and property damage.

Information to consider when developing pre fire plans are as follows:

Building Information:

  • Address and other location details
  • Construction and roofing materials.
  • Building use
  • Access/egress points
  • Contents

Emergency Procedures:

Alarms/Emergency Lighting:

  • Description of emergency lighting and alarms

Fire Protection Equipment:

  • Type of smoke detectors
  • Description of and location of fire extinguishers
  • Location of fire hydrants

Special Hazards:

  • Type and location of hazardous or flammable materials in the building
  • Low hanging power lines
  • Transformers

Building floor plans:

  • Emergency exits
  • Utility shutoff locations
  • Evacuation routes
  • Location of hazardous materials
  • Fire extinguishers


  • Aerial photograph showing building and surrounding area
  • Ground-level photographs of exterior sides of building

Providing this information to first responders is crucial and improves the potential for a successful response, which may ultimately save lives and reduce property damage.

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