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Crisis Management Plan Reviews Identify Deficiencies

Posted on Mon, Mar 19, 2012

An emergency plan review can reveal shortcomings in preparation, response coordination, resources capabilities, and pinpoint inept response equipment. New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo recently unveiled numerous disaster and emergency response initiatives stemming from a review of the handling of 2011’s Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee. The Governor-ordered review identified both strengths and weaknesses in the state's emergency response capabilities. As a result, the state initiatives include:

  1. Establishing five Regional Disaster Logistics Centers to serve as staging areas and store emergency equipment
  2. Launching a state agency emergency network to coordinate disaster response equipment
  3. Establishing Regional Rapid Response and Incident Management Teams to expedite deployment and coordinate with local governments
  4. Creating a statewide network of emergency responders
  5. Hosting a statewide Emergency Preparedness conference
  6. Selling unnecessary and outdated equipment

A thorough review of internal plans and policies can identify deficiencies and initiate the counteractions to correct these deficiencies. Some areas to include in a planning hazard analysis and/or procedural review include:

• Evacuation plan
• Fire protection plan
• Safety and health program
• Environmental policies
• Security procedures
• Insurance programs
• Finance and emergency purchasing procedures
• Plant closing policy
• Employee manuals regarding emergency policies
• Hazardous materials plan
• Process safety assessment
• Risk management plan
• Capital improvement program
• Mutual aid agreements

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