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The Basics of a USCG Dock Operations Manual

Posted on Thu, Jun 07, 2012

A leak or spill of a hazardous liquid bulk product directly into a waterway pollutes the water and could contaminate sediment and adversely affect marine life. As a result, U.S. Coast Guard Dock Operations Manuals are required by facilities involved in transferring oil or hazardous materials in bulk to or from a vessel that has a total capacity, from a combination of all bulk products carried, of 250 barrels or more. However, the regional Captain of the Port (COTP) may determine that a facility transferring less than 250 barrels must provide a dock operations manual if it is deemed that a discharge into or on navigable waters, adjoining shorelines, or exclusive economic zone may cause substantial harm to the environment.

Details of Dock Operations Manual

A dock operations manual should include, but is not limited to, the following details:

  • Plot plan and location maps.
  • Emergency contact numbers - Include qualified individual, contractors, agencies, emergency resources, and applicable company personnel.
  • Detailed facility information - Including latitude and longitude, hours, details of facility ownership, and dock specifications and capabilities.
  • Product Descriptions - Appearance, odor, hazards involved in handling, instructions for safe handling, procedures for spills, leaks or human exposure, and firefighting procedures (MSDS information).
  • Watchman duties.
  • Communication system specifications.Dock_Operations_Manual_TRP.jpg
  • Details of personnel shelter(s).
  • Monitoring devices and containment equipment.
  • Transfer procedures - Beginning with vessel arrival, pumping, and post transfer processes.
  • Emergency procedures for discharge/spill and equipment necessary.
  • Fire equipment.
  • Reporting and notification procedures.
  • Lighting details.
  • Identification of Person in Charge and qualifications.
  • Hose identification markings maximum allowable working pressure details).

Facility operators are required to submit two copies of the dock operations manual to the COTP of the zone in which the facility is located. If the COTP finds that the manual meets the minimum requirements, one copy will be returned to the operator marked “Examined by the Coast Guard”.

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