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Planning Guidelines for Corporate Level Emergency Management Plans

Posted on Fri, Sep 17, 2010

It is imperative for corporations to have corporate emergency or crisis management plans and procedures implemented. Although company facilities typically have site specific emergency response plans in place, corporate management will have a key role in improving the effectiveness of a response, public perception, and the ultimate impact on the business.

The goals of an effective Corporate Emergency Management Plans are to:

  • Provide support to the site emergency management team for specialized resources, including legal, claims, and procurement.
  • Coordinate communication with media, the public, shareholders, partners, and executive management
  • Support the activation and implementation of business continuity plans to reduce the potential for business interruption.


Corporate Emergency Management or Crisis Management plans should provide:
  • A system for assessing and prioritizing incidents
  • Thresholds for activating the Crisis Management Team and notifying executive Management
  • Guidelines to facilitate the set up and organization of the Crisis Management Center and other key facilities
  • Procedures for activating the Crisis Management Team
  • Current notification information for all Crisis Management Team members
  • Roles and responsibilities of the Crisis Management Team members
  • Communication and notification procedures to facilitate interaction between business units and Crisis Management Team
  • Guidelines and checklists to facilitate an effective and organized response

A corporate Emergency plan, coupled with site-specific facility emergency response plans, is the foundation for maintaining preparedness and establishing policies in the event of an emergency.

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