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TRP: 20 Years of Improving Response Planning & Preparedness Technology

Posted on Mon, Apr 20, 2015

For 20 years, Technical Response Planning Corporation (TRP) has designed, implemented, and managed response plans for some of the largest, most complex operations in the world, enabling companies to standardize their preparedness programs and seamlessly deliver response planning “best practice” initiatives.

“Since 1995, it has been our mission to provide innovative solutions to the challenges associated with preparedness, response planning, and regulatory compliance.” says Steve Bassine, TRP President. “We are proud that our accomplishments have simplified planning and preparedness management for companies with large, complex, and geographically diverse operations, and we look forward to future challenges and expanded relationships with companies in energy, manufacturing, transportation, utilities, automotive, and other industries.”

TRP was founded in 1995 to provide the energy industry with quality emergency planning, training, and exercise consulting services. In 1997, TRP pioneered the first "electronic plan”, as well as graphical one-page response plans for fire pre-plans, oil spill tactical plans, and spill prevention plans.

As Internet accessibility became more widespread, TRP developed the industry's first web-based system for delivering response plans, offering value-added services, increased efficiency, and customized tools for clients to manage their own response programs. This achievement and overwhelming industry acceptance significantly changed TRP's business methods, project models, and growth potential.


TRP continues to introduce evolutionary technological improvements, upgrades, and state-of-the-art response planning modules, resulting in robust, highly functional systems that improve clients’ usability and regulatory compliance. Concurrent with its 20th Anniversary, TRP has released SMARTPLAN™, its newest, most innovative emergency management / response planning system. This robust tool demonstrates TRP’s long term vision of improving corporate preparedness and the planning process, and reinforces their commitment to the needs of current and future clients.

TRP’s industry-proven technology has resulted in many large-scale enterprise-wide implementations across highly regulated industries. The TRP platform has enabled these companies to transition from static mismatched formats and non-functional binder-based response plans to an all-inclusive, user-friendly, web-based preparedness program.

TRP develops web-based, enterprise-wide emergency management / response planning systems that accommodate various plan types, as well as response planning and exercise consulting services. TRP plan types include Emergency Response Plans, as well as Business Continuity Plans, Oil Spill Response Plans, OPA 90/Facility Response Plans, Oil Spill Tactical Plans, Crisis Management Plans, SPCC Plans, Fire Pre-Plans, Office/Building Emergency Action Plans, School Emergency Operation Plans, Hurricane Plans, and other plan types.

To experience the power of SMARTPLAN™ or to consult with TRP exercise management experts, call (281) 955-9600 or contact us through our website.

Simplifying the Complexity of Response Plans:  The TRP Approach