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TRP Releases SMARTPLAN™ and Upgraded Incident Management System

Posted on Thu, Apr 23, 2015

Concurrent with its 20th Anniversary, Technical Response Planning Corporation (TRP) has released SMARTPLAN™, its newest, most innovative response planning / emergency management system. This robust tool demonstrates TRP’s long term vision of improving corporate preparedness and the planning process, and reinforces their commitment to the needs of current and future clients.

SMARTPLAN™’s integrated database-driven platform provides unmatched plan revision capabilities, incorporates an array of customized templates and plans, and allows for leveraged functionality upgrades for all users.

“Since 1995, it has been our mission to provide innovative solutions to the challenges associated with preparedness, response planning, and regulatory compliance.” says Steve Bassine, TRP President. “SMARTPLAN™ is the result of a two-year design initiative to create the most user-friendly, yet robust response planning / emergency management system on the market.”

Included in SMARTPLAN are major improvements to system navigation, document printing, contacts management, plan maintenance, support tools, and browser compatibility. The company has also completed major upgrades to its real-time Incident Management System, now a SMARTPLAN™ module, with meeting tools, resource tracking capabilities, time zone management, stakeholder and contacts tracking, and many improvements to system interface and forms.

Since the development of its first “electronic plan” more than ten years ago, TRP has introduced evolutionary technological improvements, upgrades, and state-of-the-art response planning modules, resulting in robust, highly functional systems that improve clients’ usability and regulatory compliance.

TRP continues to provide quality emergency planning, training, and exercise consulting services, while steadily gaining industry recognition for its innovative approach to improving the functionality of emergency response, business continuity, and related plans. SMARTPLAN™, and the upgraded Incident Management System module, positions the company among the world leaders in emergency planning technology.

To experience the power of SMARTPLAN™ or to consult with TRP exercise management experts, call (281) 955-9600 or contact us through our website.

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