TRP’s Business Continuity templates and approach is developed on our SMARTPLAN™ platform, which results in:

  • Straightforward functionality and approach
  • Produces an online plan which contains all previously updated content
  • Easily printable as a formatted PDF document
  • Cost-effective
  • Integrates with and shares contacts with Emergency Response Plans
  • Customized to match Client templates or can use TRP templates
  • Business Impact Analysis Tool automatically updates plan content and reports


TRP's Business Continuity Planning templates and tools reduce plan development efforts, maintenance costs, and overall cost of ownership, by integrating database technology to manage redundant and frequently updated Business Continuity Plan Information. 

TRP's Business Continuity Planning templates create a framework and mechanism to capture and maintain essential business continuity information such as:

  • Primary and alternate facility details
  • Detailed employee and vendor contact information
  • Response checklists
  • Critical processes and Recovery Time Objectives
  • Staff relocation strategies and totals
  • Equipment requirements
  • Application and software requirements
  • Vital record requirements
  • Key vendor and/or supplier dependencies by department
  • And much more

This system also provides summaries of key data for planning and response purposes, and provides the ability to generate customized reports.


To learn more about Business Continuity Plans and TRP’s Web-Based Planning Systems, CONTACT TRP.