“Since 1995, it has been our mission to provide innovative solutions to the challenges associated with preparedness, response planning, and regulatory compliance.”
                                                                                                   -Steven J. Bassine, TRP President

As part of TRP’s comprehensive emergency management and response planning services, our team of experts perform site assessments, identify response plan gaps, and conduct audits in order to identify:

  • Preparedness program capabilities
  • Level of Company-wide compliance
  • Response Plan effectiveness 

As a result, TRP can facilitate “best practice” initiatives with proven SMARTPLAN™ technology to improve compliance, address program deficiencies, and implement systemic upgrades to your emergency management program.


EHS Response Plans Audit Questions

The following are fundamental preparedness and response questions that may help identify opportunities for your company to improve your emergency management program:

  • How many facilities does your company operate and in what locations?
  • What are your operational hazards/threats/risks to the facilities, the environment, and/or your employees?
  • Will your plans be accessible by responders in the event of an emergency?
  • What regulatory requirements apply to each facility?
  • Are your response plans user-friendly?
  • Do your plans utilize a consistent format across the company?
  • Do you have a cost-effective approach to maintaining response plans? Are they up to date?
  • Has a recent regulatory inspection or audit resulted in non-compliance issues?
  • Do you have a response team organization in place with well-defined roles, and trained personnel available?
  • Are external response team contracts in place and documented?
  • Do employees have a clear understanding of emergency communication methods, and their roles and responsibilities in disaster situations?
  • Are your emergency management procedures succinct and organized in a manner that enables your response teams to respond effectively to a range of incidents?
  • Are adequate resources available to response to all facilities within acceptable response times
  • Do responders have multiple versions of out-of-date response plans?
  • Have plot plans and area mapping been integrated into the plans?
  • Have response procedures been tested for effectiveness?
  • Do you utilize Incident Command System (ICS), and how do you facilitate meeting schedules, documentation, development of IAPs, and other actions required during a response?
  • Are you still utilizing paper-based response plans? If so, how are plans updated, revisions distributed to plan holders, and version control maintained?

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