Every crisis situation can have a negative impact on a company’s short and long-term reputation, financial performance, and overall longevity. Therefore, it is critical that a crisis management response framework be in place long before a crisis occurs. An effective Crisis Management Plan can result in:

  • Accelerated resolution of a crisis
  • Minimized negative profile or public image
  • Reduced business interruption
  • Enhanced public image
  • Unaffected financial performance

Crisis Management Plans - TRP Corp

A company’s credibility and reputation is heavily influenced by the perception of their response during crisis situations. TRP's Crisis Management Plans:
  • Establish a framework and structure to clearly identify lines of authority for the Crisis Management Organization
  • Define criteria for classifying levels of response
  • Establish standardized notification and activation procedures
  • Identify roles and responsibilities for Crisis Management Team members and other key personnel
  • Provide integrated contact self-verification tools to ensure contacts can be promptly notified
  • Define crisis communications and stakeholder management guidelines
  • Allow for a comprehensive understanding of response actions based on specific crisis situations
  • Provide guidance in the event of multiple simultaneous incidents
  • Establish streamlined, intuitive, logical, secure, and user-friendly navigation
  • Displays instantaneous updates, ensuring the most up-to-date information is immediately viewable by plan users

TRP’s proprietary database-driven, web-based planning systems can be utilized to deliver crisis management plan information to select crisis management team members, or an entire organization. TRP developed this user-friendly system and methodology to enable Crisis Managers to:

  • Reduce plan and program maintenance and development costs
  • Provide secure plan access to those who need it
  • Display and navigate plan content electronically
  • Provide enhanced navigation with logical content links
  • Integrate multiple response plans into a common system
  • Facilitate the use of existing plans for training and exercises
  • Seamless integrate crisis management plans with other plans types, including Business Continuity Plans, Fire Pre-Plans, Emergency Action Plans, Security Plans, Severe Weather Plans, and others
To learn more about Crisis Management Plans and TRP’s Web-Based Planning Systems, CONTACT TRP.