Customized response plan templates are integrated within TRP’s SMARTPLAN™ software to empower companies to transition from multiple mismatched formats and archaic binder-based response plans to an all-inclusive, web-based preparedness program.

Whether your company needs one customized plan template for numerous locations or a streamlined combination of multiple plan templates for simplified regulatory compliance, TRP can ensure your planning needs are fulfilled.

TRP’s customized template approach enables companies to address each facility’s site-specific operations, risks, threats, and emergency response challenges while standardizing:

  • Company response plan formats
  • Best practices response protocols
  • Shared company data
  • Regulatory compliance criteria

The intuitive format allow responders to carry out industry and company procedures in accordance with proven best practice responses.

Each customized, database-driven response plan template is designed with:

  • Company-wide applicability
  • Ability to develop any plan type
  • Easy-to-use viewing and editing interfaces
  • Customizable checklists
  • Database-driven functionality for vastly improved plan maintenance efficiency
  • Instantaneous update capability
  • Secured accessibility from any location to unlimited approved users
  • One-touch printing in PDF format
  • Ability to use for many facilities / locations
  • Choose TRP standard or company formats already in place

To maximize compliance, a variety of plan types can be accommodated.