TRP specializes in developing company-wide, universally accessible Emergency Response Plans capable of being utilized for every site, potential hazard, and regulatory requirement. TRP's Emergency Response Plans incorporate site-specific actions and consistent best-practice procedures that significantly improve quality, accessibility, and accuracy of response planning programs.

TRP's SMARTPLAN™ Software System can be utilized to deliver streamlined, yet site-specific Emergency Response Plans for every location, company-wide. Intuitive viewing and editing interfaces and database-driven functionality allows program managers to:

  • Minimize plan maintenance costs and time requirements
  • Eliminate gaps in regulatory compliance
  • Streamline plan format and consistency
  • Leverage plan content across many facilities
  • Automatically verify responder contact information
  • Track plan revisions and submissions

TRP’s emergency response plans are designed to comply with OSHA and other applicable regulatory requirements, as well as meet key strategic and tactical emergency management objectives. These plans typically include the following components:

  • Detailed response checklists for various emergency scenarios
  • Response team organization, roles, activation, and escalation procedures
  • Emergency Operations Center location and equipment
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Notification procedures
  • Plan updating guidelines and responsibility
  • Documentation guidelines
  • Hyperlinked regulatory cross references
  • Plan distribution list and Record of Changes
  • Facility aerial photos, plot plans, and other key facility information, as applicable
  • And more

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TRP’s Emergency Response Plan features include:

  • Integrated database that leverages information across multiple plans, reducing time required to maintain site-specific information, contacts, and common plan language
  • Streamlined, intuitive plan formats that improve user experience
  • Hyperlinks for all plan references
  • Secured access through encryption and state of the art data centers.
  • Contact Verification utility that helps manage emergency contact information via a “self-verification” e-mail system
  • PDF printing allows users to produce paper copies or download plans to network or other locations
  • Automated “Record of Changes” captures details of all plan revisions
  • Instantaneous updates ensures the most up-to-date information is immediately viewable by plan users
  • And more

TRP develops emergency response plans to address applicable threats to your facility, including:

  • Fires
  • Oil and hazardous material spills and releases
  • Natural disasters
  • Security issues
  • Medical emergencies
  • Power failures
  • And more

TRP develops customized Emergency Response Plans for many industries which can be developed within TRP’s SMARTPLAN ™ Response Planning Module as stand-alone plans or in conjunction with other plan types, including Oil Spill Response Plans, Fire Pre-plans, SPCC Plans, Business Continuity Plans, and others.

To learn more about Emergency Response Plans and TRP's Web-Based Planning Systems, CONTACT TRP.