TRP’s fire pre-plan templates are offered as part of our SMARTPLAN™ software, and are uniquely designed to meet the challenges faced by large industrial complexes - the sheer number of plans required, coupled with specific complexities associated with products, location, and operations. Securely accessible plans with pertinent site-specific information and photographs enhance responders’ understanding of potential hazards, response tactics, and logistics.

Preview: Fire Pre-Plans

TRP has developed thousands of Fire Pre-Plans for Clients with some of the largest, most complex operations in the world. TRP’s fire pre plans:

  • Incorporate photographs, product information, foam calculations, and a variety of detailed information required to effectively respond to a fire
  • Offer customization for a variety of facility types including atmospheric tanks, bullet and sphere tanks, process units, and buildings
  • Enable Clients to revise all site-specific content, as needed
  • Provide an efficient method of revising standard content, forms, or procedures, across all plans
  • Reduce plan development, maintenance, and overall program costs
  • Apply real-time updates, eliminating content discrepancies, and antiquated “version confusion”
  • Enable real-time plan access to all stakeholders in a secure manner
  • Seamlessly integrate with Emergency Response Plans and other plan types
  • Provides a method to standardize format for all facilities across the company

To learn more about Fire Pre-Plans and TRP’s SMARTPLAN™ System, CONTACT TRP.