More than 15,000 SMARTPLAN™ Users…and Counting!

SMARTPLAN™ Software is the most innovative response planning and emergency management software system on the market. Whether you need one plan type for a few locations or multiple plans types for every site, TRP's proven web-based, database-driven approach will enable you to streamline and customize your company’s preparedness program based on “best practices”, company protocols, and regulatory requirements.

TRP’s securely accessible SMARTPLAN™ Software System simplifies company-wide response planning and is a vast improvement over static intranet or paper-based plans.

TRP’s SMARTPLAN™ Software System contains one or more of the following modules:

When every member of your team can locate and navigate your response plans through a password protected website, your incident response time and management capabilities improve dramatically. TRP SMARTPLAN™ Software System is:

  • Efficient: SMARTPLAN™ Software System is an advanced web-based program that utilizes a database to manage all plan information, allowing for specific information to be duplicated in some or all response plans and in different plan types across an entire enterprise. By reducing administrative tasks, plan changes are more likely to be conducted in a timely manner, optimizing the accuracy of the plans, and improving compliance.
  • Accessible: SMARTPLAN™ Software System offers every option of instant accessibility: viewed via the Internet from any location, downloaded, or printed. Increasing accessibility options while improving efficiency, functionality, and effectiveness can bolster an entire emergency management program.
  • Instantaneous: SMARTPLAN™ Software System enables real-time updates, eliminating the potential for “version confusion”. The system’s user-friendly format allows responders to carry out specified industry and company procedures in accordance with proven best practices responses.
  • Technologically Intuitive: SMARTPLAN™ Software System provides hyperlinks, forms libraries, simplified interfaces, reports, email notifications, and other tools designed to improve functionality for plan users.
  • Simplified: Typically, response plans share common data with a variety of additional plan types including business continuity, pre-fire plans, emergency response plans, and others. SMARTPLAN™ Software System utilizes one database to manage this information, effectively leveraging plan content and revision efforts to all plans and locations that utilize that data.
  • Designed for Client’s Needs: SMARTPLAN™ Software System utilizes a variety of plan templates for various plan types, or allows for developing custom templates to match existing Client plans.

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