There is a common the misconception that hurricanes are strictly a coastal problem. Yet history has proven that these severe storms often impact companies far from the initial landfall area. Corporate hurricane planning is essential in order to:

  • Minimize damage to facilities and surrounding areas
  • Establish site-specific checklists of pre and post hurricane responsibilities
  • Identify necessary response resources
  • Maximize business continuity efforts
  • Keep employees and contractors safe, informed, and prepared
  • Provide a mechanism to maintain communications and awareness

Hurricane - TRP Corp. 

  • TRP's customized hurricane plans can be utilized at the site and corporate level.

  • TRP's hurricane plans provide editable preparedness checklists for each phase of an impending storm, along with position specific checklists

  • TRP's web-based system provides a mechanism to establish consistent templates and guidelines for use in developing site-specific plans for multiple buildings, facilities, and corporate locations

  • TRP's web-based system also provides a mechanism for employers to disseminate advisories and other key information to employees with regards to office closures, highway evacuation routes, and other vital details

  • TRP hurricane plans can provide access to updated employee relocation data to enhance business continuity efforts

  • TRP can develop these plans as stand-alone documents or can seamlessly integrate them with emergency response and crisis management plans

  • TRP develops the majority of hurricane response plans integrated into a web-based database-driven system; however, these plans can be developed in a Microsoft Word format, if required

To learn more about Hurricane Plans and TRP’s Web-Based Planning Systems, CONTACT TRP, or download our free Hurricane Planning Checklist.