With over two decades of addressing complex compliance, preparedness, and response challenges associated with pipelines, TRP has unsurpassed industry expertise. Many of the largest pipeline operators in the U.S. have entrusted TRP to develop response plans for operations spanning thousands of miles. TRP’s proven response planning, emergency management, and compliance expertise for Pipeline Companies provides the opportunity to implement best practices and improve company-wide preparedness.

TRP’s secure web-based, customized response plans are database-driven, which provides a framework to develop a standardized, streamlined format for your company, along with the functionality and tools to effectively maintain those plans. By creating a framework and mechanism to capture regulatory information, company standards, and site-specific details, TRP’s approach and technology improves our Clients’ compliance, consistency, and response capabilities.

TRP’s Response Planning Process

TRP ‘s software, products, and services are specifically designed to meet the challenges faced by pipeline companies - the large geographic area, number of plans required, and heavily regulated nature of these operations. TRP’s technology is designed to:

  • Eliminate multiple plan versions and content discrepancies
  • Capture site-specific details while streamlining format
  • Track status of all plans and agency submittals
  • Provide an efficient method of revising standard content, forms, or procedures across all plans
  • Reduce lead time and cost to develop plans for newly acquired systems
  • Reduce plan development, maintenance, and overall program costs
  • Simplify plan reviews and agency submittal processes
  • Enable plan distribution to stakeholders in a secure manner
  • Interface with Company HR systems to automatically update plan contacts

In recent years, pipeline safety has garnered the attention of policy-makers, private companies, and citizens. As a result, efficient preparedness programs, regulatory compliance, and effective response planning is essential for pipeline safety.

TRP has extensive experience developing plans that are required by PHMSA. In order to improve compliance with agency reviews and company audits, TRP’s plans link cross-referenced regulatory requirements to the content designed to meet each requirement. TRP develops the following web-based plans for pipeline operators:

Other Services for Pipeline Operations

  • Site visits and audits - TRP can provide field technicians to gather information required to develop or improve response plans, oil spill tactical plans, and fire pre-plans.
  • Exercises - TRP can design and facilitate exercises at one or more facilities or corporate offices in order to meet regulatory requirements, verify and test response plans, satisfy regulatory requirements, and improve response capabilities. 

Applicability of SMARTPLAN™ Modules

  • Compliance Tracking Module - This module greatly improves the ability of operators to track regulations and action items required for compliance for one or more locations. 
  • Incident Management Module - Improves response by importing specific notification requirements for each geographic area, and provides documentation of response actions for each incident.
  • Exercise Management Module - Ideal for pipeline operators who need a better way to design, schedule, and document exercises.

To learn more about Emergency Response Plans and TRP's Web-Based Planning Systems, CONTACT TRP.