A Real-Time Management Tool To Guide A Successful Emergency Response

From the moment an incident is discovered, the response process of information gathering, assessments, response coordination, and documentation should not be halted by the communication barriers of the past.

Accurate, real-time information is critical to effectively respond to an incident or crisis. Incident Management Team personnel and on-site responders are challenged by the need to:

  • Track and share real-time information
  • Uilize the ICS process
  • Identify response operation requirements
  • Develop incident action plans
  • Document agency and stakeholder conversations
  • Track assigned tasks
  • Print custom incident action plan documents
  • Identify and track incident notifications

TRP's Incident Management System enables response teams to:

  • Respond more effectively
  • Follow ICS processes
  • Maintain effective incident documentation
  • Assign and monitor tasks
  • Seamlessly exchange information
  • Communicate between response team members
  • Integrate plan contact and response actions
  • Track equipment and personnel

Ensure Accurate And Timely Information During A Response 

Key features include:

  • Interactive, step-by-step response process for improved decision making
  • Real-time situational displays provide incident status updates in a logical, response-driven format
  • Web-based, database-driven platform provides a common user interface that allows simultaneous use and integration of multiple, geographically separate, management teams
  • Real-time task management provides immediately available information for review, evaluation, and decision-making, ensuring critical tasks aren’t overlooked
  • Automated status boards provide snapshot of critical response information at all times
  • Intuitive navigation allows users to drill down to group or position specific procedures, forms, and checklists
  • Identifies assigned and completed tasks to identify duties, expected completion time frame, and communicates job status to other users
  • Automated and flexible platform provides additional levels or tiers of the response organization are easily activated and integrated into an active incident, event, or exercise simulation
  • Stakeholder management allows for documentation of agency telephone conversations and assignment of related tasks
  • ICS guidance provides ICS Process Guidance, Database-Driven ICS Forms, Meeting Schedules, and useful tools
  • Customized and NIIMS compliant utilizing database-driven ICS forms and client required documentation
  • Integrated with existing web-based response plan(s) and incorporates site-specific information
  • Secured access for multi-tiered response organizations

A Dramatic Improvement In Response Effectiveness 

The functionality of IMS is robust, yet designed to be easy to use, and responsive, employing streamlined menu systems and controls. The ability to maintain transparent communication and a seamless exchange of information during the incident management process improves safety, reduces response costs, and improves continuity of operations.

To learn more about an Incident Management System or TRP's Web-Based Planning Systems, CONTACT TRP.