Regulatory Compliance Tracking Module

Simplifying the Complexity of Company-Wide Regulatory Compliance

Streamlining regulatory compliance is advantageous for companies with regulated operations and multiple locations. Implementing TRP’s Regulatory Compliance Tracking Module with SMARTPLAN™ technology enables companies to more effectively manage regulatory requirements.

When companies implement TRP’s Regulatory Compliance Tracking Module, it can result in:

  • Enhanced regulatory compliance for every facility
  • More effective corporate oversight
  • Consistency across the enterprise for regulatory interpretation and compliance tasks
  • Better documentation of compliance action items
  • Reduced likelihood of non-compliance


The Regulatory Compliance Tracking Module utilizes TRP’s SMARTPLAN™ technology to eliminate redundancies across converging requirements. The module is customized per client’s needs to:

  • Track required regulations for Client operations
  • Provide a master list of regulations with detailed requirements
  • Selectively assign each regulation to one or many facilities
  • Assign tasks related to compliance action items for each facility
  • Document status of assigned compliance actions
  • Provide a dashboard for each facility documenting number of applicable regulations, action items, and status of tasks.
The Regulatory Compliance Tracking Module can be customized for the client by industry and specific operations to comply with company standards, and local, state, and federal regulations.