Providing a Comprehensive Tool to Develop and Manage your Program

The ability to schedule, communicate, develop, document, and deliver training and exercises is a critical aspect of your environmental, health, safety and emergency response compliance programs. Responsible Corporate or Facility Managers are continually looking for ways to:

  • Develop exercises and lesson plans in-house
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Develop final reports and after-exercise action items
  • Streamline documentation and record keeping processes
  • Effectively communicate future events

TRP's Exercise Management System is Designed to:

  • Be used routinely as a part of your daily business
  • Greatly improve overall compliance
  • Facilitate management of multiple training events and personnel
  • Develop training lesson plans
  • Develop exercise materials
  • Reconcile personnel and mandated training
Preview: Incident Management System

Ensure an Accurate and Timely Exercise Program

TRP’s Exercise Management System: 

  • Improves regulatory compliance by incorporating all training and exercise records and associated documentation, utilizing a web-based database driven platform
  • Provides customized training and exercise scheduling tools designed to satisfy applicable HAZWOPER, NIIMS, OSHA, USCG, MTSA, DHS, and other requirements
  • Integrates with web-based emergency response plans to provide all related information in one location.
  • Tracks and reports training and exercise completion, or status, by discipline, skill, position, individual, location, or over a specific time period
  • Streamlines exercise development with templates for controller and participant packages, injects database, and final report
  • Contains reporting tools that identify personnel requiring training, generates lists of completed training per person, overdue requirements or individuals, and documentation of all completed training, and other information
  • Contains lesson plan templates that streamline and reduces time required to develop training materials
  • Contains summary reports that provide a snapshot of various mandated training and exercises requirements versus completed and scheduled events
  • Contains printable and automated certifications and wallet cards
  • Exports data to Microsoft Excel
  • Manages feedback through automated evaluation forms to capture comments, suggestions, and ideas to improve training and exercise processes
  • Assigns, prioritizes, and tracks action items based on feedback from specific exercises or training

"This is a very unique and robust training and exercise management system, and was designed and enhanced by experienced trainers and EHS professionals who understand the complexity of managing these programs."

"TRP enables clients’ the ability to automate the scheduling and documentation of training and exercises so these critical aspects of your environmental, health, and safety programs are fully compliant with local, state, and federal regulations."