TRP assists in the development of vulnerability assessments and facility security plans for new facilities, as well as revisions and updates to existing Facility Security Plans as they become necessary, as required by Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA). TRP can also assist your company by providing third party auditors to ensure compliance with MTSA regulations.


TRP develops the majority of our security plans integrated into a web-based database-driven system; however, these plans can be developed in a Microsoft Word format, if requested.

  • TRP’s system meets SSI (sensitive security information) requirements

  • TRP’s Facility Security Plans are designed to meet 33 CFR 105, and be consistent with other plans required for the Facility, including oil spill response plans and SPCC Plans. Redundant information required by these regulations is managed in one location in the web-based system database

  • Read-only access to these plans is controlled by the company’s plan administrator and can be limited to key individuals who need to know

  • TRP provides training for Facility Security Officers (FSO) to satisfy training requirements of 33 CFR 105


 To learn more about Security Plans and TRP’s Web-Based Planning Systems, CONTACT TRP.