In today's environment, it is more important than ever to be prepared for an emergency. Yet many educational organizations are challenged to be well-prepared due to limited resources of manpower, specialized planning knowledge, and budget. 

TRP offers school planning systems for Universities and K-12 campuses that simplify complex planning processes and reduces the amount of time and money needed to update and maintain plans. Your schools/university can be prepared to respond in the right way and at the right time to minimize risk and exposure, while maximizing safety of students and personnel.

These plans, based on NIMS, ICS, and Department of Education guidelines, utilize an integrated database to streamline emergency planning and optimize intuitive plan maintenance. 

emergency operations

Dynamic streamlined database-driven response guide planning designed for viewing, maintenance, and printing via Internet Explorer.


Campus-Wide and Multiple Location Coverage:

  • Designed to accommodate numerous campuses or buildings using one consistent plan format, yet editable to include site-specific integration of notifications, emergency checklists and other required details
  • Scalable to add future campuses or buildings
  • Also includes fire pre-planning tools

Response and Exercise Tools:

  • Ability to document fire drills and other exercises
  • Reporting tools for tracking all exercises
  • NIIMS-based response tools

Ease of Access for Faculty:

  • Provides a mechanism to easily upload images, including aerial photographs, floor plans, evacuation diagrams, maps, and other key information
  • Controlled, secured, and simultaneous access for all or part of the plan to approved emergency responders to view key information

Technical Advantages:

  • Documents plan completion and review dates, and scheduled future review dates
  • Contains a “Forms Library” with a dedicated interface for quick access to key forms
  • Automated Contact Verification System provides the ability to verify contact information via email, further reducing maintenance time and improving plan accuracy
  • Ability to convert dynamic plan content to PDF format to enable download to flash drive or network or print paper copies

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To learn more about School Emergency Operations Plans and TRP’s Web-Based Planning Systems, CONTACT TRP