TRP’s SMARTRESPONSE™ Module provides simplified tools to manage smaller emergencies, and document all exercises through an interactive database-driven interface, from any geographic location with system access.

This module is designed to provide response management tools for Client use without the need for assistance from third party consultants.


Functionality includes:
  • Ability to create new incidents or exercises, join incidents in-progress, and archive closed incidents to maintain documentation. Module has capability to manage multiple incidents or exercises simultaneously.
  • Intuitive design to assist in facilitating management and documentation of incident notifications, ICS 201, and ICS 208. All forms are database-driven.
  • Automatically imports required notifications from Response Plans that reside in SMARTPLAN™, and connects to the Master Contact Database, identifies which notifications have been performed, and provides a tool to document all conversations. 
  • Creates an incident archive, including records of all forms developed and conversations documented.
  • Tools for printing incident and exercise documentation in PDF format.
  • Provides reports for all incidents.
  • Tracks types of exercises and exercise components as required by PREP or other regulations.
  • Improves regulatory compliance and reduces client costs by incorporating all exercise records and documentation into existing database already being utilized for your emergency planning system.
  • Documents PREP objectives, exercise objectives, lessons learned, and action items for PREP and other exercise types.
  • A suite of reports that track PREP objectives completed during any 3-year cycle, action items, lessons learned, and a summary report by facility that indicates progress in meeting PREP exercise requirements, as well as reports for other exercise types.
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