Oil Spill Tactical Response Plans identify site-specific response actions for locations downstream from pipelines, refineries, product terminals, or other facilities. Development of these plans reduces the response time and improves the effectiveness of a response in the event of a spill. TRP has developed spill response tactical plans for thousands of locations.

Preview: Spill Response Tactical Plans

  • These plans typically consist of one tabloid size page per tactic, with all necessary information required for a response location. There are typically several response locations for each pipeline or facility, depending on characteristics of the waterway, availability of response equipment, and planning distance

  • TRP's spill response tactical plans incorporate photographs, maps, driving directions, and a variety of detailed information required to effectively respond to an spill from that location

  • TRP develops the majority of our spill response tactical plans integrated into a web-based database-driven system to enable Clients to revise content as needed; however, these plans can be developed in a Microsoft Word or graphic format, if requested

  • TRP develops spill response tactical plans for facilities with one geographically fixed location and spill source, such as pipelines or bulk storage facilities, or for facilities with multiple potential spill sources, such as a pipeline

  • TRP can provide experienced field technicians to survey the areas downstream of a facility and gather the information necessary to develop the plans, or can develop a template to enable the Client to develop the plans internally

  • TRP develops spill response tactical plans as stand-alone documents or can seamlessly integrate these plans with other types, including oil spill and emergency response plans


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