Designing And Delivering Customized Training Programs

Incident management training is the basis for understanding how to effectively respond to an incident. Incident Management Team Leaders are tasked with:

  • Continuously improving response and management team competency

  • Integrating response plans, roles, and responsibilities into training programs

  • Conducting exercises to test response plans

  • Complying with regulatory training requirements

  • Ensuring that training is interesting, effective, and on-target

  • Maintaining ongoing documentation in accordance with regulations


TRP Assists Corporate Emergency Management Programs by:

  • Creating and conveying a culture of site safety and preparedness to employees

  • Satisfying regulatory requirements

  • Streamlining training and action items

  • Develop training lesson plans

  • Sharing real life experiences in order to reinforce lesson plans and convey importance of topics


TRP Provides:

  • Customized training development based on Client operations and existing emergency response plans

  • Training for emergency response, incident support, and crisis management teams

  • Training facilitation and real-world perspective through highly specialized and experienced instructors

  • Exercise facilitation ranging from small tabletop simulations to large multi-organization, multi-location Command Post Exercises

  • A unique learning experience that meets regulatory requirements

  • Integration of training programs with tabletop exercises for spill management team, emergency response, crisis management, and business continuity

  • Training materials and documentation, including certifications, and wallet cards

  • On-Site training

  • Tailored incident command system (ICS) training including all levels of NIMS IS-100, IS-200, IS-300, IS-400, IS-700 and IS-800

  • Online Training Services can be test-driven at


"Use of real life examples from our instructors' experience with applying ICS was helpful to me - helped clarify for me how response activities might actually progress. The activities - filling out the forms, discussing in teams what objectives to use - also helped make the idea of ICS more concrete. Thank you both."
-Oil Pipeline Company employee


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