TRP offers standard and customized NIMS AND ICS training programs designed to meet the requirements of our clients, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Incident Command System - Introductory (ICS-100, 200, 700, 800)

  • Incident Command System - Intermediate (ICS-300)

  • Incident Command System - Advanced (ICS-400)

  • Incident Management Team training - Industry Specific

  • Corporate Crisis Management Team training - Industry Specific



TRP instructors have provided classroom and field training to more than 6,500 attendees from many disciplines, including municipal emergency response, petroleum and chemical production, petroleum and chemical transportation, United States Military and more.

Our instructors have delivered more than 20,000 classroom contact hours of instruction to our students across the nation. We are able to bring the instructors and materials to your site, which results in significant time and costs savings.


Instructor Qualifications

  • All have real-life response experience, and share lessons learned with students, which results in a greatly enhanced learning environment

  • All are current or retired Firefighters, U.S. Coast Guard, or have worked in the chemical and petroleum production environment

  • Each has more than 25 years experience in emergency response and crisis management, in addition to their classroom hours

  • Each holds certifications in the discipline in which they instruct. All have undergone rigorous "Train the Trainer" development courses, in addition to the core training required. More importantly, they understand what is essential and required in the classroom



  • Meet the training requirements as required by regulations

  • Provide the learner with an environment where he or she can feel relaxed, enhancing the learning experience

  • Ensure the information being conveyed is related to the learner in order to ‘make the connection'

  • Ensure that the students understand the concepts or information presented, so that is can be practically applied


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