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What plan types can be included in the SMARTPLAN™ Response Planning System? Facility Response Plans, Emergency Response Plans, SPCC Plans, Business Continuity Plans, Fire Pre-Plans, Office Emergency Action Plans, SWPPPs, Dock Operations Manuals, Oil Spill Tactical Plans,  Hurricane Plans, Crisis Management Plans, and others.

How long does a system take to customize? Varies depending on number of plans, Client specifications, status of existing plans, client availability, and information gathering methodology.

How much does a SMARTPLAN™ system cost? Actual cost depends on many factors including type and number of plan templates, number of locations, and gap analysis results. A planning expert will work with you to evaluate your needs and present cost options.

Who owns the plans? The Client owns plan content and a license to copy, distribute, and revise plan templates for those facilities/plans developed in the system.  TRP owns template designs and software code.

Where are plans hosted? Plans are hosted in two Level 3 Data Centers with 100% redundancy.

Can other plan types be added? Yes, additional plan templates can be added to your system.

Are we relying on internet access? Clients can print paper copies or save PDF copies of their plans to their network, laptop, or other storage device.  Internet access is required for plan maintenance.

How can plans be printed? Plan templates are designed to print in document-style format.

Is plan data backed up? Plan data is backed up daily, weekly, and monthly. 

Who maintains plan information? The Client maintains site-specific information through secured access, but TRP can also assist clients as requested.

Can TRP provide onsite information gathering? TRP can develop plans, conduct training, and perform Business Impact Analyses.  TRP can also provide field technicians to gather site-specific information and certify plans, as necessary.


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